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Timber Harvesting/ Current Use

  • Timber Harvesting

    Prior to timber being cut from any property an “Intent to Cut” application must be completed and submitted to the Department of Assessment for approval. The application can be completed by the logger, but must be signed by the owner.

    Every owner who has filed a notice of intent to cut shall report within 60 days of completion a report detailing the cut.

    A "Timber Tax" at a rate of 10% of the stumpage value at the time of the cut will be assessed to the owner of the property.

    Failure to follow the above may result in penalties as stated in RSA 79:12 Doomage.

    The following are Exemptions to the Timber Tax:

    • 10,000 board feet of logs and 20 cords of wood, per tax year, for personal use by the owner
    • 10,000 board feet and 20 cords of wood for land conversion when all permits for the conversion have been received
    • Shade and ornamental trees, usually considered to be within striking distance of a building
    • Christmas Trees, fruit trees, and nursery stock
    • Firewood used for maple syrup production

    Intent to Cut Application
    NH Department of Revenue Timber Information
    RSA 79

  • Current Use

    Current use is the means for encouraging the preservation of open space and conserving the land, water, forest, agricultural, and wildlife resources. Property owners with 10 or more acres of land, or with land that provides $2,500 per year in agricultural or horticultural products may apply.

    Land owners must apply on or before April 15th of the tax year that the land owner wishes to have his or her land classified as current use pursuant to RSA 79-A:5, II. 

    When land becomes disqualified from Current Use there is a 10% land use change tax that is assessed based on the market value of the land in question at the time the use changes to non-qualifying.The person or entity that owns the land at the time of use change is responsible for the payment of the lien release.

    Application for Current Use

    Current Use Criteria Booklet



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