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Ambulance Mutual Aid Provider Transition

The City’s Ambulance Mutual Aid Arrangement Will Transition From Diluzio To Rescue Inc. 

The transition plan provides for continued level of service without interruption.

May 2, 2023:  The City of Keene will utilize Rescue Inc. for backup ambulance support services as Diluzio Ambulance Service winds down its operations in the coming weeks.  With a transition plan in place, there will be no lapse in services to the Keene community or towns that contract with Keene for ambulance service.

The Keene Fire Department (KFD) is the primary EMS resource in Keene.  Backup ambulance services are only needed when KFD ambulances are not available to respond.  For many years, Diluzio Ambulance Service has provided this backup service.  Rescue Inc. also supplies ambulance services to towns in New Hampshire and Vermont, including communities in the Monadnock region, and will provide coverage in Keene to ensure continuity in the level of service previously available.

City staff has worked with Diluzio Ambulance Services and Rescue Inc. to implement a transition plan that covers mutual aid services for Keene and the towns that contract with Keene including Surry, Roxbury, Nelson, and West Chesterfield.  Rescue Inc. will replicate the resources previously provided by Diluzio Ambulance Service and will temporarily locate ambulances at Keene Fire Department’s Central and West Keene stations to meet coverage requirements during the transition period.  The City will not incur any costs in the transition or for the services provided going forward. 

City Manager, Elizabeth Dragon, has worked with the Fire Chief in the City’s efforts to ensure a smooth transition for Keene.  “We are very grateful to Diluzio Ambulance Service for their years of service in Keene and for their cooperation and assistance with this transition.”  The Diluzio family has served the region for over sixty years with reliable ambulance and transport services.  Their response to the specific needs of the community over time and their consistent dedication to providing the best care to those in need have been a vital resource in Keene.

Keene’s Fire Chief, Don Farquhar, has confidence in the shift to another provider.  “We always have backup ambulance services in place.  Rescue, Inc. will be a great partner for the City to meet community needs going forward - we have some history with them in providing services locally, and we are sure they are fully able to provide this service.”

City staff will continue to evaluate the County’s ambulance service model as they gain more experience in the region over time but will be working with Rescue Inc. to provide a full replacement of the backup services presently required.

Ambulance Mutual Aid Provider Transition Inographic Image