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Keene Public Library

Large Event Spaces: Cohen Hall and Heberton Hall

  • Permitted Uses of Event Spaces

    Permitted uses in priority order

    1st:  Library and Friends of the Library events --  no use fee
    2nd:  City events -- no use fee
    3rd:   Community and/or private events -- use fee applies; see below

    Groups may charge a participant fee for their event and may sell items at the event.

    No smoking is allowed in the building.
    No alcoholic beverages are allowed without prior approval
    of the City of Keene.

  • Description of Facility

    The facility is located at 60 Winter St., a part of the Keene Public Library campus. The areas available for use include Heberton Hall, a large hall with a stage and a kitchen, and Cohen Hall, a second-floor carpeted performance space with no natural light.

    Room Capacity

    Heberton Hall
    Chairs only: 240
    Tables and chairs: 149

    Heberton Hall Stage
    Chairs only: 40
    Tables and chairs: 21

    Cohen Hall
    Chairs only: 240


    There is a kitchen. Use of the kitchen is limited to counters and sinks. The applicant must provide all plates, utensils, etc. There is a refrigerator and freezer for temporary food storage, but all food must be removed after the event. There are electrical outlets, and a group may bring its own coffee/teapot, etc.


    There is metered parking on the grounds, and On-street parking and the nearby county parking lot are also metered. All meters run from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday - Saturday. Meters on the grounds are 3 hours, and on the street, 2 hours. The county lot has both 2-hour and 10-hour meters.


    There are tables and 300 folding chairs available in Heberton Hall and a lesser number of upholstered chairs available for use in the Cohen Hall area. There are automatic large screens and projection equipment available in both spaces. Each event space is wired for sound, and there are several wired mics and one wireless mic available. If more items are needed, the group will need to make other arrangements.

  • Use Fees

    Once an application is approved, the fee quoted will remain in effect for that booking. The use fee includes the cost of a supervisor; however, an additional room supervisor may be required at the discretion of library staff.

    Heberton and Cohen Halls

    $100 for three hours. Three hours is the minimum booking allowed. This covers set-up and take-down time.
    $35 for each additional hour.
    $20 an hour for each hour of set-up and breakdown time.
    Rehearsal time will be charged at $35 an hour.
    A room supervisor is included in the cost of the room; however, if an additional staff member is required, the renter will be billed at $20 an hour to cover expenses.


    There is an additional $25 fee for the use of the kitchen.


    Custodial fees will be charged for cleaning the facility after each event. The fee is generally $250 but depends on the specific event. The fee will be set at the time the booking is approved.

    The fee covers cleaning the floors, bathrooms, and kitchen and foyer areas. Groups are responsible for wiping off chairs and tables and removing any food, beverages, or trash from the building.

  • Scheduling

    All bookings are made by contacting the Scheduling Coordinator, Colleen Swider, c/o Keene Public Library, 60 Winter St., Keene, NH 03431.

    Telephone: 603-352-0157
    Fax number: 603-283-5656
    Contact Colleen online

    Groups must fill out an Event Space Use Application Form and Revocable License and Indemnity Agreement. The booking is not final until the forms are approved. Confirmation will be sent to the organization, stating the fee and deposit requirements.

    All scheduling will be coordinated with other Library operations/activities. Some events may not be approved if it is determined that activities at the Library will compromise available parking.

    So that event spaces are available to the community, ongoing weekly or monthly meetings will not be booked, and groups will be limited to six advanced bookings. Exceptions may be made to this policy if the requested time is one that others generally don't book.


  • Rules for Use

    • Supervision
      • There must be an approved supervisor at all events. Library and City staff will be responsible for serving in this capacity at their events.
      • Supervisors for non-city, non-library events will be selected from a trained group of Parks and Recreation Department or Library personnel.
      • If a supervisor is not available for the day and time requested, the event will not be approved. The fee for the supervisor is included in the use fee unless an additional supervisor is deemed necessary by library staff.
    • A Certificate of Insurance must be provided, naming the City as additional insured in the amount of $1,000,000.
    • If alcohol is to be served, the event organizer's responsibility is to fill out the necessary paperwork with the City Clerk's office and obtain the necessary license and permissions.



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