Cheshire Rail Trail Phase 3 - Construction Update

The City’s Cheshire Rail Trail Phase 3 project is nearly complete! Thank you for your patience as we finish this exciting project. Please click HERE for recent photos.

Remaining work includes:

  • Completion of stone dust surfacing and hydro-seeding along Ammi Brown Trail Connector and Cheshire Rail Trail
  • Installation of concrete pads and vehicle gates at the entrance at Hurricane Rd. and Summit Ridge Dr.
  • Landscaping at Whitcomb’s Mill Rd. trailhead
  • Gravel surfacing at Summit Rd. trailhead
  • Pavement symbols and signage along Summit Rd., Park Ave., and West St.

We expect all trail work to be complete within two weeks, and the project to be entirely complete within the next month. Thanks in advance for your patience.
If you have any questions regarding this post please call our office at 603-352-6550.

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