Airport Development and Marketing Committee

More about the Airport Development and Marketing Committee

  • Membership Qualifications

    Sec. 2-621. - Membership.

    (a)   The airport development and marketing committee shall consist of eleven regular voting members. No less than five voting members must be residents of the city. At least one of the voting members must reside in the Town of Swanzey, and one voting member must be a member of the city council.

    (b)   The mayor, or his designee, shall be an ex officio member with a vote. The mayor or his designee, shall not be counted as one of the minimum of five voting members who are residents of the city.

    (c)   The city manager shall be an ex officio member without a vote.

    (d)   The membership of the committee shall elect a chair, who shall be a city resident. The chair shall have a demonstrated interest in aviation and shall assume an active role in the development of the airport.

  • Functions and Guidelines

    Sec. 2-624. - Functions and guidelines.

    In accordance with the provisions of applicable law, the functions and guidelines in this section are established for the conduct of the airport development and marketing committee. The committee shall:

    1. Take a proactive role in the development of the Keene Dillant-Hopkins Airport by collaborating with other city and local economic development efforts to implement the Airport Master Plan.
    2. Serve as ambassadors for the airport both locally and regionally.
    3. Assume primary responsibility in developing and implementing various marketing and public relations programs regarding the benefits of the airport and aviation.  These efforts should be aggressive and ongoing.
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