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Parcel Mapping Project

The City of Keene has contracted with CAI Technologies to complete the Parcel Mapping Project. There are two main objectives for this project and they are summarized below along with a brief description of the project approach.

Objective One is to generate current, accurate parcel maps which show the correct size, shape, location, and ownership of every property in the City. Several information sources considered to be legal documents (deeds, surveys, plans, etc.) will be researched and relied upon to create the parcel maps. Although the maps generated as a result of this project may be used for several purposes, the basic intended use is for property assessment purposes. The information generated is not intended to be used for legal descriptions or for property conveyance purposes.

Objective Two focuses on how the public will be able to access the parcel maps. The Assessing Department will have a paper set of maps available for the public to review, however, the parcel maps will also be made available online through a web GIS solution. When this is available, the public will be able to view any parcel in the City using an enhanced search function with the ability to create and print maps. Additionally, public information such as ownership information, property descriptions, sales information and assessment data will be linked to each parcel. Users will be able to view individual parcels including parcel dimensions; will have access to various GIS layers such as topography, aerial imagery, and zoning layers; and will also be able to perform tasks such as creating an abutters list. All of this information will be available from the comfort of one’s home or office as long as there is access to the internet.

Project Approach: It has been determined that a three year phased approach will be necessary to successfully complete this project. Year one will focus on preliminary data gathering, plan inventorying, and record research. Year two will focus on the parcel compilation and any necessary fieldwork. Year three will focus on digitizing the parcel maps, parcel numbering, parcel map development, GIS development, and strict quality control procedures. There will also be time set aside for public review. The new maps will be completed in the Fall of 2017. In early 2018 it is expected that the online mapping site will be made available to the public. 

 Additional Information and Links: CAI Technologies

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