Solar Panels


Solar/Wind/Wood Energy System Property Tax Exemptions

Solar and Wind energy system property tax exemptions are now valued at the full value of the system and not capped at $10,000.

New Applications must be submitted prior to April 15th for the year the credit will be applied.

To apply for a solar, wind or woodheating energy system property tax exemption, the applicant must file a permanent application (PA-29), provide receipts documenting the cost of installation, details of the type of system installed, allow a physical inspection of the energy system and agree to subsequent inspections, at the Assessor's discretion, to insure working condition.

Solar Energy System RSA 72:62
" Definition:" a system which utilizes solar energy to heat or cool the interior of a building or to heat water for use in a building and which includes one or more collectors and a storage container. The definition also includes a system that provides electricity for a building by the use of photovoltaic panels."

BENEFIT: Exemption equals the total assessed value attributed to the solar energy system.


Woodheating Energy System RSA 72:70
“Definition:" woodheating energy stems means a wood burning appliance designed to operate as a central heating system to heat the interior of a building. The appliance may burn wood solely or burn wood in combination with another fuel. A central heating system shall include a central appliance to distribute heat by a series of pipes, ducts or similar distribution system throughout a single building or group of buildings. A wood burning appliance shall not include a fireplace, meaning a hearth, fire chamber or similarly prepared place with a chimney intended to be usable in an open configuration whether or not it may also be closed and operated closed; or a wood stove meaning a wood burning appliance designed for space heating purpose which does not operate as a central heating system or as a sole source of heat."

BENEFIT: Cost, including installation, of the wood heating system up to 10,000 in value.


Wind Powered Energy System RSA 72:66
" Definition:" wind powered devices which supplement or replace electrical power supplied to households or businesses at the immediate site."

BENEFIT: Exemption equals the total assessed value attributed to the wind energy system.


Solar Panels At Marlboro Street Facility