Bicycle / Pedestrian Path Advisory Committee

More about the Bicycle/Pedestrian Path Advisory Committee

  • Membership Qualifications

    Sec. 2-712. - Membership.

    The bicycle/pedestrian path advisory committee shall consist of seven regular members and two alternate members. All appointed citizens to the committee must represent a cross section of bicycling clubs, organizations and interests in the region. Members shall be appointed by the mayor as provided in the Charter, section 29.

  • Functions and Guidelines

    Sec. 2-715. - Functions and guidelines.

    The functions and guidelines in this section are established for the conduct of the bicycle/pedestrian path advisory committee. The committee shall:

    (1)  Coordinate and assist the planning department and the state department of transportation in the coordination of the preliminary and final design of the downtown bikepath and other bike/pedestrian pathway facility projects as they may be developed in the future.

    (2)  Assist the planning department and the planning board in the preparation and adoption of an up-to-date bicycle/pedestrian path master plan to be inserted as an official element of the city's master plan.

    (3)  Promote communication and exchange of ideas and concerns among users of the city's bicycle/pedestrian paths, city staff and the city council.

    (4)  Make reports and recommendations to the city council and city staff with respect to the development and management of bicycle/pedestrian paths.

    (5)  Serve as an advocate for the interest of the city's bicycle/pedestrian infrastructure.

    (6)  Assist the city with publicity for the bicycle/pedestrian path system by bringing the benefits of the paths to the attention of the public through maps, brochures and other methods.

    (7)  Assist the planning department with preparation of grant applications and pursue the means to implement the city's bicycle/pedestrian path master plan.

    (8)  Promote the safe and convenient enjoyment of the city's bicycle/pedestrian paths through safety/educational programs and activities, community events and clinics, and other activities as necessary.

    (9)  Perform such other related functions as required by the city council or as requested by the city manager.

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