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Food Licenses & Inspections

Food Licenses & Inspections

Per City Ordinance, Chapter 46, Article VII, Food Service Establishments, no person shall operate a food service establishment within the City who does not have a valid food license issued by the health authority. Once issued, a license is not transferable from one person to another or place and all licenses will be posted in a visible location.

Learn more about the Food Code codified by the City of Keene, review this searchable PDF version.

To apply for a food license in Keene, complete this application and submit to the Community Development Department: Application for License to Operate a Food Service Establishment

Food safety is important for everyone. Read about who’s most at risk, what can be done to reduce the risk of contamination and the risk factors.

The option below is used to search licensed food establishments and their inspections by either their Address or Establishment name. Click on the View option to review the inspections conducted since 2017. If you are a food establishment, click on the View option to renew your annual food license.

Search Current Food Licenses and Inspections

Contact the Community Development Department with any questions or for additional information regarding food establishment inspections or licensing.

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