Community Development

GIS and Mapping Services

The City of Keene’s GIS (KGIS) and its staff support a wide-range of city processes and functions including monthly support for the Zoning Board of Adjustments (ZBA) and other standing or ad hoc committees.  The data and software that the staff manages also assist in daily project management activities such as property analysis for mailing lists, site plan review, assessing record updates and public works engineering activities just to name a few. Not to be overlooked is how KGIS enhances long term projects and the priorities that are the results for not only the organization but of the community as well. The best way to illustrate this is the way that maps and imagery help to define and illustrate our community and the change that has occurred, is occurring and that we would like to see.

  • KGIS has also helped in the completion of various other City projects including:

    • Establishment of the Downtown Historic District Boundaries, property map inventory with in the district and management of those resources
    • Analysis and updates of the state of the City’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Path systems
    • Urban Exemption application for the Shoreline Protection Act II
    • Neighborhood Condition Assessments
    • Mapping and Management of the Fire Department’s Alarm Line System
    • Mapping and updating of the active Cemeteries that Parks and Recreation manages
Central Square Near Infrared Imagery
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