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Jamestown Canyon Virus in Keene Mosquito

June 23, 2023

For public health purposes, the City maintains a mosquito control program that includes the collection of mosquitos in shallow, stagnant waters for testing and identification purposes. A mosquito recently collected has tested positive for the Jamestown Canyon Virus.  This has been reported to the State of NH, and we expect the NH Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to classify Keene as low-level risk.

Jamestown Canyon Virus can be transmitted to people by mosquitos, however, the risk of transmission and serious illness is low. The CDC provides a Jamestown Canyon Virus website with information about symptoms, prevention, and treatment. They recommend taking preventative measures and talking with your healthcare provider if you have symptoms or concerns.  NH DHHS has also published a Fact Sheet reviewing virus transmission, symptoms, and treatment. 

The best protection from mosquito-borne illnesses is prevention. Please view the CDC and NH DHHS online resources for additional information.


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