Downtown Infrastructure Project Steering Committee

Downtown Infrastructure Project Steering Committee

An advisory committee created to review the scope and design of utility replacements as well as improvements to the downtown area.  The ad hoc Committee will serve as an advocate for the project and be the host for any public interaction events.


Further Information

Staff Liaison


  • Active Members

      First Name Last Name Type Term Expiration
    1 Mayor George Hansel Chair  
    2 Councilor Randy Filiault    
    3 Councilor Mitchell Greenwald    
    4 Councilor Andrew Madison    
    5 Dillon Benik    
    6 Alex Faulkner    
    7 Alec Doyle    
    8 Mark Rebillard    
    9 Brandie Wells    
    10 Nathalie Houder    
    11 Cheryl Belair    
    12 Robert Patton-Spruill    


  • Resources

Minutes are posted after they have been adopted by the public body.  If you do not see the set of minutes you need on the website, please contact the City Clerk’s Office.



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