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There are more than 400 diverse reasons the City of Keene works so well—our employees, who live our values. Here is a small sampling…

  • Meet Dave, Keene Fire Department Call Company

    A third generation Firefighter for the City of Keene, Dave retired after serving 5½ years in the Call Company, then over 25 years as a full-time Firefighter. But, he’s back! Dave says he “loves coming to work, loves the camaraderie and helping others.” He returned to the Fire Department after just a few years of retirement, specializing in photography. His co-workers describe him as a true role model for all. Dave “has so many years of experience that people just seek him out for his input or opinion on matters. He is the ‘voice of reason’ around the station; when he talks, people listen. He rarely ever gets upset and raises his voice. A co-worker explained, “I have been very fortunate to work with him. He has been a trusted ear and confidant when I needed it and, most of all, a true friend.” (June 2009 Paycheck News)

  • Meet Duncan, Public Works

    Duncan suggested that the City grow a vegetable garden, donating the produce to the Community Kitchen. The garden is located on the granite-terraced planting covering the geothermal unit at the Public Works main building. The garden is prepared and maintained annually on a volunteer basis, so as not to interfere with City operations. Tomatoes, cucumbers, Swiss chard, snap peas and green beans ware some of the veggies planted. Anyone can feel free, when in the area, to check for weeds or whatever maintenance that would be required. The Community Kitchen looks forward to the fresh produce use in its hot meals program. Duncan also serves as an Assistant Public Works Director and as Solid Waste Manager. (May 2009 Paycheck News)

  • Meet Maria, Public Works

    “Maria is vivacious, gregarious and tenacious!” She “brings energy, enthusiasm and humor to the workplace.” These are just some of the words used to describe Maria by her co-workers at Public Works. The Holiday Luncheon is one example of her commitment to her fellow City employees—creating happiness and fun for everyone. “My co-workers deserve to be treated well as much as anyone else,” says Maria. “I was hoping to find a home with the City, and Public Works is it!” She is a great believer in teambuilding activities, enjoys getting people involved and says, “I’m in my glory at big gatherings and love being in a happy, lively environment.” She believes the rewards are so much greater, and you get more done, when you are having fun. “If everyone gives a little something, it doesn’t all rest on one person.” When asked how she would best describe herself, Maria says, “I’m just happy.” Listen for her contagious laughter. Work and volunteer with her and you, too, will feel the power of her bubbly personality, spark and joy that she shares each and every day! (August 2008 Paycheck News)

  • Meet Patty, City Clerk

    Patty Little is the woman “in the know.” She says she was once told that her position as City Clerk requires knowing a million-and-one details about a million-and-one different things, and she thinks that is pretty accurate. Her job ranges from overseeing voter registration, vital records, licensing, collecting and retaining city records, to serving as the link among the State of New Hampshire, the City Council and the public. Since she starting serving the citizens of Keene, she has seen a huge change in the way records and information are collected and retained, as well as in the work the City Clerk’s office is doing. The office’s five divisions all are driven by state law. They are: vital records, elections, licenses,

    records, and the City Council. In addition, her office manages the off-site record center on Marlboro Street. Because Patty is an agent for the State of New Hampshire, she considers herself and her staff as

    “intergovernmental officers.” She sees the office as the hub of a wheel—connecting people to their local and state government. (June 2010 Paycheck News)

  • Meet Paul, Information Technology

    Paul began with the City as a student intern while at Keene State College and now serves as a

    Systems Administrator. While everyone in the IT Department helps with daily requests for computer and network assistance, Paul is also focused on the larger server and network infrastructure issues, including helping to keep our City network secure. Paul says one of the reasons he likes working for the City is that every day is different. He definitely needs to be flexible, often being called away on an urgent matter while working on a project. Because he spends some time in every department, he is an able ambassador for the City, sharing his knowledge of the work we all do with those outside City employment and spreading goodwill and information to our neighbors and friends. While not every issue can be solved well and quickly, Paul keeps a positive attitude. (February 2010 Paycheck News)

  • Meet Will, Planning

    Will can often be found in his “GIS cave” in the Planning department updating the City’s address, road, parcel, and building layers along with zoning and other overlay districts and data. Keene’s Geographic Information System (GIS) enhances many departments’ work and everyday tasks. He takes care of public and internal map requests, as well as provides support for the rest of the Planning staff. Will also works with Keene State College’s Geography Department students on their senior projects, which help collect data for the City’s GIS system. Other assistance is provided by our Cartegraph asset management system to keep track of our water, sewer, sidewalk, road and drainage infrastructure systems. (April 2010 Paycheck News)

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