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Interested in serving on a City Board or Commission?

The City's Boards and Commissions do important work that can have a huge impact on our community.  Serving on a City Board is a great way to get involved. Nominations are made based on your genuine desire to serve and help make Keene a great place to live, work and play! Some boards and commissions are very technical and require members to be able to read and/or interpret regulations or laws. Others are more general in their focus, but they all have one thing in common: they provide an opportunity for members of the public to become involved in local government in a meaningful and satisfying way.  Your commitment of one meeting per month can make a huge difference! In every case, candidates must be able to function as a group in an open meeting forum while demonstrating respect for the citizens who attend meetings. To get more information on what each board is involved in go to the Boards and Commissions page.  Interested?  Complete our volunteer form below!  Questions? Please email, or call (603) 352-0133 ext. 2.

By submitting this application you understand that the application is for consideration and it does not mean that you will necessarily be nominated by the Mayor.  The staff liaison to the committee you selected may contact you if there is a vacancy.  If there is a good fit between your background and the mission of the committee, they will recommend you to the Mayor for his consideration. The Mayor may contact you as well.  All nominations need to be considered and approved by the City Council.  This application will be kept on file for 6 months from the date of receipt.


Have you ever served on a public body before?
Please select the Boards or Commissions you would be most interested in serving on.
Airport Development & Marketing Committee
Ashuelot River Park Advisory Board
Assessor's Board
Bicycle/Pedestrian Path Advisory Committee
Building Board of Appeals/Housing Standards Board of Appeals
College City Commission
Congregate living and social services licensing board
Conservation Commission
Energy and Climate Committee
Heritage Commission
Historic District Commission
Human Rights Committee
Keene Housing Authority
Library Board of Trustees
Partner City Committee
Planning Board
Trustees Of Trust Funds And Cemetery Trustees
Zoning Board Adjustment
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