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Kanopy: Streaming Video

Keene Public Library patrons have access to thousands of films, documentaries, and The Great Courses through Kanopy.

Here are the details:

  • Use your library barcode number to sign into Kanopy and create your personal Kanopy account.
  • Patrons with expired library cards will not be granted access.
  • Patrons owing $10 or more in library fines & fees will not be granted access.
  • Once you have a personal Kanopy account you can create a wish list, see your viewing history, keep track of how many films you can watch each month, etc.
  • Viewers begin each month with an allotment of 12 tickets that can be used to watch videos that are labeled with a ticket value and viewing access period.
  • The Great Courses collection is now included in the ticket system.
  • Once you press play on a film, viewers can access the title as many times as they like during the viewing window without using additional tickets.
  • Ticket allotments reset on the 1st of the month. Once you have used up your tickets, you will not be able to play any films until the new month starts, when your ticket allotment will be refilled. Unused play credits do not carry over from month to month.
  • Kanopy doesn't provide much in the way of information about films or reviews.  We recommend using the Internet Movie Database to find out more about a film before you press PLAY!  Once you press play on a film in Kanopy you only have five seconds to change your mind about using up tickets for it.
  • Kanopy Kids titles don't use tickets, so you can watch as many kid-friendly titles as you'd like.

Can't watch videos even though you still have tickets left?  The library has a set amount budgeted for Kanopy viewing every month.  Once that amount has been spent (each video viewed incurs a charge for the library) all viewing is suspended for the remainder of the month.  On the first day of each month, the budget amount is renewed and videos will be available again.

More Kanopy FAQ

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