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Storytime Tips

Arrive on time.

  • Try to arrive on time. Although latecomers are welcome to enter, their arrival is distracting. Be on time to get the most out of our short time with your child.
  • If possible, allow time to remove outerwear and use the bathroom.

We invite you to stay with your child and participate in the storytime.

  • Help your child see that you value reading by participating in storytime.
  • Please be careful of side conversations. 
  • Make sure that you turn off your cell phone before enjoying storytime.
  • We require that you stay in the building during storytime. Children feel more comfortable if they know that we can readily locate the adult who came with them.

Discuss Storytime Manners.

  • This is their first group experience for many children, and it is important that they know what is expected beforehand. Explain the importance of sitting quietly and not talking to or touching other children during stories and videos.
  • Our storytimes are designed to be developmentally appropriate. We counter quiet listening time with active rhymes and activities to keep your child's attention. Encourage your child to participate in these songs, games, and fingerplays. In addition, if you attend storytime with your child, we expect you to be attentive. Be a role model and join your child in doing the fingerplays, singing the songs, and listening to stories.

Share Books and Stories at Home.

  • Be an active listener as your child shares the stories and activities they heard in storytime.
  • If your child is particularly interested in a book read at storytime, we suggest you check it out to read at home.
  • Having a card is not a requirement for storytime attendance. However, you may want to have a library card for yourself or even for your child. Free library cards are available for Keene residents of any age.
  • If another child has chosen the book, your child wants, please feel free to put a "hold" on the book so that we can notify you when it is returned. A Youth Librarian can help you do this, or you can do it yourself from your home computer.
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