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View the Robin Hood Park FlashVote survey results.

Do you have up to one minute a month to help make Keene even better?

Beginning September 6, 2023, Keene residents may receive text message invitations from the FlashVote public survey research platform.

The City of Keene is working with FlashVote to engage the community and gather valuable input from residents to help inform our decisions. We encourage residents to sign up!  You can sign up here: or call 775-235-2240 to participate by phone or text, or respond to a text message invitation if you receive one.

Sign-up takes less than one minute, and your input is always kept anonymous. Personal information collected by FlashVote is never shared with the City or anyone else. When residents sign up, they can determine how surveys are received – whether by email, text or phone call. They will receive a notification whenever there is a new survey, and they will have 48 hours to participate before voting closes. Once a survey is closed, everyone who participated will automatically receive a summary of the overall results and be able to see how their responses compare to the group.

We are very excited to use the input collected in these surveys to inform decision-making at the City!

Please sign up so you can have an impact.  The first two City surveys asked about the future of Robin Hood Park and electric vehicle charging infrastructure.  What will be next?...

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