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Submitting a Communication to City Council

The Keene City Council wants to hear from you.  If you have an issue, an idea or a concern that you would like to be on the Council agenda, it should be submitted in writing with your signature, addressed to the "Honorable Mayor and City Council".  Submittals must be received by 4:00 PM the Tuesday before the next regular meeting of the City Council in order to be put on the next agenda.  Click here to view the City Meetings Calendar for upcoming meeting dates. 

Generally items of business are referred to the appropriate Council Standing Committee, and you would be invited to attend a Committee meeting to discuss the matter.  A few examples of items of business that come before the City Council:

  • Requests for Street signage (stop signs, directional signs, etc)
  • Parking Concerns
  • Requests for changes to a City Ordinance
  • Requests to use City property
  • Petitions from neighborhood groups
  • Letters of Support or Opposition to an Item before Council
  • Requests for Water/Sewer Abatement
  • Requests for Removal of a Tree on City property
  • Suggestions for Service Improvements

You may submit your communication in hard copy, or by emailing a document containing a scanned image of your actual signature.  Electronically signed communications can be emailed to the City Clerk's Office for submission.  Thank you!

  • Rules of Order Section 25. Communications

    SECTION 25. COMMUNICATIONS. Communications to be introduced to the City Council must be signed by the person introducing the same and must give his or her residential address, mailing address, if different, at which he or she can be reached to be notified of committee meetings, etc. Communications containing a scanned image of the person's actual signature may be submitted electronically.  Communications not containing all of the above will not be accepted by the City Clerk and will not be placed on the agenda of the City Council. Communications addressed to a Councilor of a personal or argumentative nature shall not be introduced in Council.

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