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Neighborhood Parking Project

Neighborhood Parking Project Information

The City is using grant funding to explore sustainable parking and transportation options that will enable continued residential development in neighborhoods near downtownThe goal is to improve parking and transportation (i.e. biking, walking, public transit) for the community while facilitating needed housing development.  Staff will evaluate and recommend parking and transportation changes for implementation in the next few years.

How do residential parking programs work?
What is a Parking Benefit District?
The Parking Triangle
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Community Development Department,, (603) 352-5440

Meetings & Updates

Public Open House - Wednesday, January 24th, 2023, 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM at the Keene Public Library in Heberton Hall, 60 Winter Street
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The project was also presented to the City Council's MSFI Committee, including how expanded parking options relate to potential housing solutions. 


January 2024: Open House For Public Input (1/24/2024), Stakeholder Interviews, Online Survey, City Council MSFI Committee Discussion
February-March 2024: Analysis & Draft Recommendations
April 2024: Open House To Review Recommendations, Stakeholder Input, City Council MSFI Committee Discussion
May-June 2024: Formalize Recommendations, City Council Presentation

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