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The Keene Police Department accepts applications for the position of Police Officer on an ongoing basis. Selected applicants must pass a written exam, physical fitness test, oral board, intensive background investigation, polygraph examination, psychological exam and a medical exam.

Minimum Qualifications: All applicants for the Keene Police Department must be United States citizens; high school graduate, or possess a GED certificate; and be at least 21 years of age at the time of appointment. College education and/or military experience are highly desirable. Applicants must meet the following Basic Hiring Criteria

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For further information contact Keene Police Recruiting at (603) 357-9815, or write to:
Attn: Recruiting
Keene Police Department
400 Marlboro Street
Keene, NH 03431
E-mail can be sent to

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  • General Duties

    Duties include patrol of an assigned area for the purposes of crime prevention, law enforcement, and providing for general public safety. This may include the investigation of crimes, identification and apprehension of offenders, traffic enforcement, accident investigation, and providing other emergency services. Applicants should have excellent communication skills and a history of demonstrated common sense and sound decision-making. Applicants need to be able to analyze situations quickly and objectively and must meet the following Basic Hiring Criteria. 

  • Selection Process

    The selection process for entry level police officers consists of two general phases. The first phase includes the Written Test, the Physical Fitness Test and an Oral Board Interview. The second phase consists of the Background Investigation, Medical, Psychological and Polygraph Examination. The Department makes all reasonable efforts to complete the process within 90 days of the initial test. However, during periods when we have no openings and are developing a waiting list only, we will only complete the first phase of the process.

  • Hiring Incentive Program

    NH Certified Officers: $10,000

    Out of State Certified Officers: $8,000       

    Uncertified Hires: Starting at $27.46 / hour, adjusts to $28.70 with a successful interim evaluation after six months of employment.       

    All newly hired probationary officers (certified or uncertified) receive:  

    Vacation leave

    • 40 hours of vacation leave during the probationary period after completion of six months of employment and a successful interim evaluation 

    Relocation Assistance 

    • (If required to move to meet department residency requirement to live within 30 minutes of Keene PD), up to $2,500 paid out on a reimbursement basis for moving, housing, or related expenses. 
  • Written Test

    The Police Officer Examination covers subject matter involving mathematics, reading comprehension, English and grammar skills, and problem solving exercises which test evaluative and analytic abilities. The test is administered several times throughout the year by the GBCC written testing alliances and the Keene Police Department. All those interested in a police officer position with the Department must take a written test.

    Exceptions to this are made for full-time certified police officers and military veterans; please see the sections below for Application Process for NH Certified Police Officers and Military/Veteran applicants for details.

    A written test generally runs from one and one half to two and one half hours.

    No prior training or experience in the position of police officer is assumed or required of applicants taking this test. The test is scored by the testing agency and the results are forwarded to us approximately two weeks from the test date.

    Applicants receiving a cognitive testing score of 75% or higher will be invited to participate in the next step of the hiring process, the physical fitness test, as it is scheduled.

    All written tests utilized by the Keene Police Department have been professionally validated for content and adverse impact.

    The following is the testing organization and dates when written testing is taking place: 

    Great Bay Community College

    Great Bay Community College, Portsmouth Campus - 320 Corporate Drive, Portsmouth, NH 03801. Please visit the following website for test schedule information and to print out a registration form: Great Bay Community College.

    All testing will be held at Great Bay Community College, dates to be decided by Great Bay Community College.

    ***Deadline to register is 8:00 p.m. the Wednesday before the scheduled test date.***

    The Keene Police Department will administer written examinations at their discretion. Dates and times will not be posted on this site. Testing is done by appointment once the application has been processed..

  • Physical Fitness Test

    The physical fitness test will only be administered to those who pass the written test. It consists of a battery of tests including tests of sit ups, push-ups, and a one and one half mile run. Performance standards are established by the New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Council and based on the Cooper Battery for physical fitness. The standards can be seen below.

    The 1.5 mile run must be completed in the time established for your age and sex. For the remaining two tests, applicants must achieve the performance norm marked “standard”.  To pass the physical fitness test an applicant must complete each test by meeting or exceeding the standard score. Failure to achieve the standard in any of the events will disqualify you from proceeding any further in the process. 

    Applicants should practice these tests before the test date. If you cannot perform at the levels prescribed it is recommended that you not take the test, engage in a program of physical conditioning and apply for the next selection process.

    Applicants should bring appropriate clothing and footwear in which to take the physical tests. The run takes place outside regardless of weather conditions.

    The following standards should be reviewed prior to the day of the test so that each applicant understands the standards they must meet to succeed:



  • Oral Board Interview

    Applicants who pass both the Written Test and the Physical Fitness Test will be scheduled to appear for an oral board interview.

    The oral board will normally be conducted by three police officers and will focus on evaluating areas such as the applicants (1) Communications Skill, (2) Human Relations/Interpersonal Skills, (3) Problem Solving/Judgment Skill, (4) Career Preparation, (5) General Suitability for Position.

  • Background Investigation

    Applicants who pass the written test, physical fitness test and oral board will then undergo an extensive background investigation.

    The background investigation will include but not be limited to,

    • work history and experience,
    • educational experience,
    • personal references,
    • financial stability,
    • motor vehicle record,
    • criminal conduct and verification of credentials
  • Medical Examination

    A comprehensive medical examination will be conducted by Department doctors at our expense. It includes a complete physical examination with attention to those physical standards set by the New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Council.

    The purpose of the medical exam is to reveal any medical problems which may inhibit or prevent the applicant from performing the essential functions of the position of police officer.

  • Polygraph Examination

    Polygraph examinations are administered by a certified forensic polygraph examiner with many years of law enforcement experience.

    Questions will be drawn from the following areas;

    • the initial application and information developed by background investigation,
    • physical and mental health,
    • previous employment,
    • alcohol and drug use,
    • gambling,
    • military experience,
    • driving record,
    • sexual activity,
    • credit rating and financial status and
    • criminal record
  • Psychological Assessment

    Utilizing the findings of an in-depth clinical interview, the results of such tests as the MMPI-2 and other instruments as may be deemed appropriate, a qualified psychologist shall assess the emotional and psychological suitability of the applicant.

  • Re-evaluation & Re-test Policy

    Re-Evaluation - The Department reserves the right to make the decision as to who shall be appointed to any position.

    An applicant may request that the Police Chief review the results of any component of the selection process in which the applicant feels he or she has erroneously received a failing score.

    The applicant has the burden to articulate a reasonable basis to believe the score given was inaccurate.

    Re-Testing - Any applicant who fails to achieve a passing score on either the written test or the physical fitness test is eligible to reapply and re-test the next time a test is offered.

    Any applicant who failed a test due to cheating, dishonest responses to questions or untrue representations on applications shall not be allowed to re-test.

    Any applicant who fails the medical examination may retake the test only on showing that the deficiency discovered has been corrected.

    Any applicant who is not qualified by virtue of having a felony conviction, or by not being a United States citizen, or by having a criminal conviction based on an act of domestic violence may not re-test until he or she shows evidence of citizenship, or in the case of a conviction, a reversal, pardon or annulment.

  • Appointment to Probationary Status

    Successful applicants will be appointed to the position of Police Officer on a probationary status for a period of one year from the date of appointment.

    During that year the probationary officer will be expected to complete the Keene Police Department Field Evaluation and Training Program (14 weeks duration), the New Hampshire Police Academy (16 weeks duration), and perform the duties and responsibilities of the position at a satisfactory level.

  • Departmental Tattoo Policy

    Police officers shall not wear any conspicuous tattoos / brandings on the face, head, ears, neck, or hands below the wrist bone. No tattoos / brandings depicting a nude person or profane or vulgar words or symbols shall be on any part of the body visible while in any issued uniform or civilian attire while on-duty.

  • Residency Requirements

    Our residency requirements are flexible and should be discussed during the hiring process.

  • NH Full-Time Certified Police Officers

    Applicants who are full-time certified as a police officer in NH or any other state may apply directly to the Keene Police Department and are expected to complete all phases of the hiring process.  For full-time certified Officers the entire initial process, to include the Police Written Exam, will be administered at the Keene Police Department at time convenient for both the candidate and the Department.

  • Military & Veteran Applicants

    The Keene Police Department supports those who have served in the military. Honorably discharged Veteran’s may apply directly to the Keene Police Department and are expected to complete all phases of the hiring process.  For Veterans or those still serving in Guard or Reserve units, the entire initial process, to include the Police Written Exam, will be administered at the Keene Police Department at a time convenient to both the candidate and the Department.  

    The Keene Police Department is certified by the New Hampshire Postsecondary Education Commission and the US Department of Veterans Affairs as a Veterans State Approved agency. The Keene Police Department’s Patrol Officer On-the-Job-Training Program meets all State and Federal requirements for the education and training of eligible military personnel, veterans, and their dependents. If you meet the Department of Veteran Affairs criteria for eligibility as a veteran, military personnel or dependent, you may qualify for an additional $12,000 during your first year of training as a Keene Police Officer.

  • Pay Range

    Starting Pay (Probationary Police Officer): $62,982

    Starting Pay (NH Cert and Out of State Cert): $62,982 - $79,601 depending on experience. This is in addition to the $10,000 sign-on bonus.

    Police Officers are paid for 11 holidays in the calendar year, amounting to an extra $3,300 - $4,209 in addition to their base pay. 

    Top Step Police Officer: $79,601

    Master Officer Stipend up to $4,545

    Additionally, Officers are eligible to receive a physical fitness bonus of up to $700 annually for passing physical fitness testing.

    Relocation Assistance (if required to move to meet department residency requirement to live within 30 minutes of Keene PD): Up to $2,500 paid out on a reimbursement basis for moving, housing, or related expenses. 


  • Contact

    For further information contact Keene Police Recruiting at (603)357-9815, or write to
    Attn: Recruiting
    Keene Police Department
    400 Marlboro Street
    Keene, NH 03431.

    E-mail can be sent to

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