City Hall, Keene, NH

Voluntary Minimum Housing and Safety Inspection

The Voluntary Minimum Housing and Safety Inspection is intended to provide the public, including tenants, with information on rental properties whose owners have voluntarily agreed to be inspected on the basis of safety-oriented guidelines. This is a visual inspection only. This inspection covers only the items listed which are reasonably observable and is based only on the then-present condition of those items. However if there are any observed issues that would be considered a hazard to life or safety they will be addressed by the City with the owner. Such items include but not limited to: no permitted smoke detector system, missing smoke detectors, no means of egress, blocked means of egress. The City of Keene assumes no responsibility for condition of the properties inspected and expressly disclaims any guarantees, warrantees, or any other representations that the properties are code compliant or recommended. The City is not approving any rental properties inspected. People must make their own individual and personal choices with regard to the selection of living accommodations. The inspection only indicates that the property met the listed safety-oriented guidelines on the date of inspection.

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