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Community Development


An important goal of the recent Community Development reconfiguration was to provide better customer service through a permit center where applications for the most common permits can be processed quickly at the point of contact with the customer. The Permit Technician and the Planning Technician positions are central to this approach, with cross-training to better serve the public. The process has been streamlined to provide direct interaction with other City departments, such as Public Works and Fire. This will also help as we continue to support City Boards and Commissions such as the Planning Board, Zoning Board of Adjustment, and the Historic District Commission.

Staff Members:

Jesse Rounds, Community Development Director

John Rogers, Building & Health Official

Mari Brunner, Senior Planner

Corinne Marcou, Administrative Assistant

Michael Hagan, Plans Examiner

TJ O’Brien, Commercial Building Inspector

Joel Fedorowicz, Residential Building Inspector

Ryan Lawliss, Housing Inspector

Will Schoefmann, Mapping Technician

Evan Clements, Planner

Megan Fortson, Planning Technician

Bob Burns, Permit Technician 

Rob Allen, Food Establishment Inspector