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Fire Prevention/Fire Alarm

  • Fire Prevention Permitting

    Permits are required from the fire department for the following:

    Burners: Oil/LP burners and supply lines

    Storage Tanks: installation and/or removal of above ground and below ground storage tanks (per tank >60 gallon water capacity)

    Fire Suppression Systems: permit required to install and/or modify

    Fire Alarm Systems: permits required to access, install and/or modify existing. (Access permit not required for household fire alarm systems)

    Tents: Permits required for assembly if more than 50 people are going to be under the tent. Inspection required for tents over 20’ by 20’ used for other than assembly use

    Please review our fee schedule for a complete list of permits that are issued by the fire department

    Please forward or drop off completed applications along with payment to the Central Fire Station located at 31 Vernon Street, Keene NH 03431. Please make checks payable to the City of Keene.  Payment by credit card can be accepted Monday - Friday from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm.

  • Keene Fire Department Life Safety Inspection Program

    Currently the fire department is conducting life safety inspections of all commercial and multi-unit residential occupancies. The goal of the program is prevention, education, awareness and improved safety of the residents of the city. The program began in August of 2016 and is expected to take several years to complete.

    If you own a multi-unit property in the City of Keene and have any questions or would like to schedule an inspection of your property please call (603.757.1860) or email

    To help you prepare for your inspection, use this checklist of the most frequently cited deficiencies.

  • City Ordinance Related to Fire Prevention

  • City Ordinance Related to Fire Alarm

  • Fire Prevention Education

    For Kids -

    How to Use a Fire Extinguisher 

    Station Tours – station tours can be scheduled by calling (603) 357-9861. Please provide the contact name and phone number as well as the number of people, (adults and children), that will be attending. Please also provide the age ranges of children in the group.

    2nd Grade Education program – Contact

    Juvenile Firesetter Program: The program is designed to assist parents and their child in understanding the dangers of playing with fire, how to prevent repeat behavior and other consequences of their firesetting behavior. To learn more about the program, please email

  • Other Training

    CPR/AED/Narcan Training: Training may be available to your group, organization or business. To learn about possible training opportunities please contact the Training Division at (603) 757-1865.

    Fire Extinguisher Training: The department provides extinguisher training classes to local business. To schedule your training please contact the Fire Alarm Division at (603) 757-1864.

    KFD Open House – Our open house is an opportunity for members of the community to learn more about what the firefighters do every day, tour the station, see the fire trucks and participate in several educational hands on activities. Fun for the whole family!

    If your group, organization or business is interested in other training opportunities not listed above, please contact our Training Office at (603) 757-1865.