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Keene Fire Department Directs Public To State of New Hampshire Online Burn Permits System

The Keene Fire Department has temporarily restricted public access to its fire stations in order to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.  Limiting exposure to first responders is essential to continued emergency services and patient safety.  This does, however, require alternative means to meet public demand for burn permits.

The State of New Hampshire Division of Forests and Lands provides an online fire permit system at which allows for Keene citizens to acquire daily and seasonal burn permits.  The State will generate permits and collect a $5.50 processing fee per permit.  The Fire Department does not receive any portion of the fees collected.

The following rules continue to apply within the Keene city limits upon permit approval:

  • Burning is not allowed on statewide class 4 or 5 fire danger days. 
  • Seasonal permit holders are required to contact the Keene Fire Department each day prior to burning.
  • As City Code states: “No person shall kindle or light or permit any other person to kindle or light an outside fire within the city limits, except for the purpose of normal operations of gas and charcoal grills, approved incinerators/fireplaces, or campfires in approved campgrounds, without first obtaining a written permit from the chief of the fire department. Permits will be mandatory at all times during the year even during snow covered conditions.”
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