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Comprehensive Housing Needs Analysis

The City of Keene is working with Camoin Associates to complete a comprehensive housing needs analysis for the City of Keene that articulates the critical issues, opportunities, and solutions to address the community’s housing needs. The assessment will document existing housing conditions within the City of Keene; identify market and other forces that affect housing supply and demand now and over the next 10 years; and identify gaps or deficiencies in maintaining equitable access to safe, resilient, and reliable housing to as many City residents as possible.

Housing Resilience Survey

Building on regional housing efforts, the City of Keene is working to understand the resiliency of Keene’s housing stock and housing needs in Keene, including those due to aging infrastructure and the impacts of climate change. This survey will help Keene describe current housing supply and affordability and inform future action by the City. Your responses will remain anonymous. The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. Thank you for your participation!

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Save the Date! Housing Workshop February 7th 

Please join us for an in-person community workshop on Tuesday, February 7, 2023 at the Keene Public Library in Heberton Hall. Doors will open at 5:30 pm. The goal of this workshop is to hear from as many people as possible about housing-related issues, concerns, and ideas. Input from this workshop will inform the housing needs analysis as well as the proposed housing strategy in the final report. Attendees will also get a preview of the data collected and will hear a short presentation from the project consultant firm, Camoin Associates.

Questions? Please contact the Community Development Dept. at (603) 352-5440 or communitydevelopment@keenenh.gov. 

Project Schedule

This project kicked off in late October, and is expected to wrap up in late April or early May of 2023. The table below shows the tentative project schedule, broken down by task


Regional Housing Needs Assessment (Southwest Region Planning Commission)

Draft City of Keene Housing Inventory (February 2020)


Today, the City is experiencing significantly different demographic trends and socioeconomic circumstances than the decades following World War II, which is when many of the City’s residential zoning districts last underwent a comprehensive update. These years were characterized by substantial in-migration and rapid housing development.  During this era, the paradigm for planning and land use regulation was focused on limiting or in some instances controlling growth.  In more recent years, the City’s growth rates have sharply slowed and are projected to stay low over the next thirty years.  Keene faces considerable challenges including a rapidly aging population, slow economic recovery, loss of youth and young professionals, and increased competition in an increasingly globalized society. Housing has been identified as a critical challenge for many years and is now at the crisis stage, affecting the local economy and workforce retention and recruitment.

The highest priority implementation strategy of Keene’s Comprehensive Master Plan is to “Rewrite the City’s Land Use and Zoning Regulations to Proactively Achieve the Community’s Vision for the Future.” In May 2021, the City made major strides toward this goal with the adoption of a comprehensive land use code update that combined the City’s zoning and land use regulations into a single document, the Keene Land Development Code (LDC). This effort was focused mainly on re-organizing and streamlining regulations, in addition to creating new form-based zoning districts in the downtown. The next phase of this project involves reexamining the City’s residential and other zoning districts outside the downtown and assessing how well the City’s regulations align with the community’s Master Plan goals, including those related to housing.

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