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ParkMobile Cybersecurity Incident

The City has received the following notice from ParkMobile regarding a cybersecurity incident involving data collected by the ParkMobile application.  The City was first notified of this incident on April 12, 2021.

"ParkMobile System Update 4.13.21

Dear ParkMobile Clients,

As promised, I am reaching out to provide an update on the cybersecurity incident we notified you of in late March.

Our investigation concluded that encrypted passwords, but not the encryption keys needed to read them, were accessed. While we protect user passwords by encrypting them with advanced hashing and salting technologies, as an added precaution, we have communicated to users via our support page that they may consider changing their passwords. In the coming days we plan to communicate through other channels as well.

Our investigation has confirmed that basic account information – license plate numbers and, if provided by the user, email addresses and/or phone numbers, and vehicle nicknames – was accessed. In a small percentage of cases, mailing addresses were affected. No credit cards or parking transaction history were accessed, and we do not collect Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, or dates of birth.

Please rest assured we take seriously our responsibility to safeguard the security of client and user information and appreciate your continued trust.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me or your account manager should you have any questions.


Brooke Feldman

Vice President of Account Management"

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