Community Development


The Keene Planning Board will meet on Monday, July 22, 2024 at 6:30 PM in the 2nd Floor Council Chambers of City Hall to conduct public hearings on the following proposals.

PB-2024-06 – Subdivision – 435 Chapman Rd - Applicant Cardinal Surveying & Land Planning, on behalf of owner Cornelius W. & Ruth R. Schenck Irrevocable Trust, proposes to subdivide the ~48-ac parcel at 435 Chapman Rd (TMP #239-041-000) into three lots approximately 3.57 ac, 3.80 ac, and 40.63 ac in size. The parcel is located in the Rural District.

PB-2024-07 – Site Plan – Dinkbee’s Redevelopment, 510 Washington St - Applicant Fieldstone Land Consultants PLLC, on behalf of owner OM 510 Washington Street LLC, proposes to demolish the existing Dinkbee’s building on the property at 510 Washington St (TMP #532-003-000), construct a new ~6,256-sf building in its place, and expand the number of vehicle fueling stations. Waivers are requested from Section 20.2.1.b, 20.6.E, 20.7.2.C, and 20.14.3.D of the LDC related to the submittal of a drainage report, parking lot landscaping, light trespass, and parking. The parcel is 0.74 ac and is located in the Commerce District.

PB-2024-08 – Cottage Court Conditional Use Permit – Townhomes, 0 Ellis Ct - Applicant Sampson Architects LLC, on behalf of owner POMAH LLC, proposes to construct a two-unit townhome on the parcel at 0 Ellis Ct (TMP #535-012-000). The parcel is 0.18 ac and is located in the Medium Density District.

These applications are available for public review at City Hall on the 4th floor, 3 Washington St between the hours of 8:00am-4:30pm. The full agenda and supporting materials will be posted online one week before the meeting on the Planning Board webpage at