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Resources for Writers

Keene Public Library believes that everyone has a book in them, and we want to help community aspiring writers and established writers throughout the process. You can see what is scheduled and sign up for our events and classes online.

Keene Public Library hosts a Monday Night Fiction Writers Group that meets for eight weeks three or four times a year. 

Each November, during NaNoWriMo, the library provides a writing space and treats for WriMos.

Keene Public Library offers at least one workshop series for high school and middle school students each year.

While the library is closed to the public, we have found these eBooks that can help and inspire writers:

Inspired Creative Writing: 52 Brilliant Ideas From the Master Wordsmiths. This book is packed with practical and realistic advice, ideas, and techniques.

Sing Me the Creation: Creative Writing Sourcebook. This is an inspirational workbook of creative writing exercises for poets and teachers. There are over 300 exercises for improving writing skills for self-study.

Telling Stories: The Craft of Narrative and the Writing Life. A prolific and award-winning writer, Lee Martin has put pen to paper to offer his wisdom, honed during thirty years of teaching the oh-so-elusive art of writing. Telling Stories is intended for anyone interested in thinking more about storytelling elements in short stories, novels, and memoirs. Martin delineates helpful and practical techniques for demystifying the writing process and provides tools for perfecting the art of the scene, characterization, detail, point of view, language, and revision—in short, the art of writing.

  • Pressbooks

    Pressbooks is simple book production software. Write your book on Pressbooks, or import an existing manuscript, choose a book design theme, and export into all the file formats you need to publish your books:

    • designed PDF (the "interior book file" for print-on-demand)
    • MOBI format (for Kindle ebooks)
    • EPUB format (for all other ebookstores)
    • more exotic XML formats



    Getting Started with Pressbooks

    Pressbooks makes it easy to create professionally designed books & ebooks. Discover how our user-friendly epublishing software can help you publish today!

    Getting Started with Pressbooks

    Pressbook Tutorial

  • Indie Author Project

    Keene Public Library provides our patrons access to Indie Author Project, allowing authors to upload their manuscripts and turn them into sleek, professionally designed ebooks and print books with ease. Using Indie Author Project, authors can submit ebooks to Library Journal for review. All submitted books can be made available to library readers throughout New Hampshire. The very best books will be available to libraries throughout the country in LJ Indie Author Project.

    To learn more about Indie Author Project, visit

    To learn more about BiblioBoard®, visit

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