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Andy Bohannon and Rebecca Landry Promoted to Deputy City Manager Roles

Three Assistant City Manager Assignments Will Sunset

Keene, NH, February 15, 2024:

City Manager, Elizabeth Dragon, announced the promotion of Rebecca Landry and Andy Bohannon as Deputy City Managers, effective April 1st. Both Landry and Bohannon bring extensive experience and proven leadership skills to their new roles. They will play critical roles in advancing the City’s key priorities and achieving the goals outlined in both our Master Plan and our City Council goals.

The retirement and pending retirement of individuals filling current Assistant City Manager roles presented an opportunity to reorganize, adjust job duties, and consolidate into two deputy positions. 

Rebecca Landry has served the city in a variety of roles over the past twenty-five years including holding the title of Assistant City Manager. Landry has served the City as both the I.T. Director and, currently, the Communications and Marketing Director. Landry has successfully led many difficult projects, took on additional responsibilities in the Manager’s absence, and built relationships in the community - all of which will be very helpful in her new role. As Deputy City Manager, Landry will maintain her responsibilities as the primary Information Officer for the City and be responsible for overseeing parking and economic development as well as special project assignments.

“I have enjoyed and appreciated Keene - the community and the City - for decades,” said Landry. “It will be a privilege to serve in this new role together with Deputy Manager Bohannon and City Manager Dragon in implementing the City's goals.”

Andy Bohannon has served the city for the past twenty years as Recreation Programmer and currently as Parks, Recreation, and Facilities Director. Bohannon grew up in Keene and has been passionate about serving the community for the past two decades as he rose through the ranks. In his department head role, he has overseen several large community impact projects, been engaged in many committees, and built a strong service culture across his divisions.  As Deputy City Manager, Bohannon will be responsible for working with department heads across the organization to provide mentorship, strengthen teams, and prepare for the continued wave of retirements across our organization. In addition, Bohannon will maintain oversite of City facilities.

In the near future, we will be revising the Parks and Recreation Director’s job description, removing the facilities oversite from this role. This will necessitate the need to regrade the position on the City’s salary scale before beginning our recruitment process.

"I am honored to be appointed Deputy City Manager,” said Bohannon. "I am impressed by the dedication and innovation of the City's staff, and I am confident that, by working together, we can achieve great things for our community."

Manager Dragon expressed her enthusiasm for the new appointments. "Rebecca and Andy are both highly qualified and experienced professionals who are committed to serving the residents of Keene. I am confident that the three of us will be a highly effective team drawing on the strengths of each other. I look forward to working with them both in their new roles."