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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to Use the Parking Pay Stations?

    Pay Station Instructions

  • Where should I park if I’m staying LONGER THAN 2 HOURS?

    We have multiple lots where you can park all day. Lots are conveniently located just off Main ST and you can find free parking just a little farther from downtown.

  • How do PAY STATIONS work?

    Just enter your license plate number, then pay the required amount (coins or credit card) for how long you intend to park. You’re Done! You do NOT need to go back to your car to display the receipt. Your plate info will display in the parking officers’ handheld devices, which is much more accurate. Thus, you are less likely to receive an erroneous violation.

  • Why does Keene have ‘PAY BY LICENSE PLATE’ pay stations?

    There are many benefits to a Pay by License Plate system (versus Pay & Display).

    • First, it saves you walking back to your vehicle, which is super nice on a rainy day!
    • Second, you can add time to your existing parking session, instead of waiting till it runs out.
    • Also, it ensures proof of payment if you erroneously receive a parking violation – just call our office and we’ll look up your plate number to confirm payment and void the ticket.
    • Bonus: not printing a receipt for every person saves paper and trees, which is much better for the planet :)
  • What is PARKMOBILE?

    Parkmobile is a phone app used by 3000+ cities across the US for motorists to pay in an easy to access way. With Parkmobile, you simply locate which zone you are parked (see on meter or map in app), then select length of time to park. A big advantage of this app, is that it notifies you before your meter expires, and you can add time or start a new session just 1 minute after your previous session expires (just enough time to move your care into a new space if you’re at the maximum time limit for that session).

  • What are the typical Parking violations?

    Vehicles may receive a citation if parked in violation of City of Keene Code of Ordinances and New Hampshire Statutes, including expired meter and overtime-time limit parking, as well as violations for parking in a loading zone longer than 15 minutes, reserved space without permit, or a no parking zone. Motor vehicle violations are also defined for facing traffic, too close to intersection, parked on sidewalk/crosswalk, within 10’ of fire hydrant, and more.

  • What to do with a BROKEN METER or pay station?

    Parking meters and pay stations need to periodically be fixed or replaced. With the high volume of users and sometimes weather conditions that impact cellular networks, technical and mechanical machinery is sometimes needs repair. If you find a broken meter or pay station, just let us know by phone 603.357.7845, or email.

  • WHY do we even have METERS?

    Regulated parking is an essential aspect of any urban environment. If parking in the downtown was not managed and enforced, visitors and residents alike would rarely be able to find a nearby places to park. Motorists would monopolize the best spaces, if not a pay-to-park system or time limits. Many of the reasons people enjoy downtown are funded by the pay-to-use system of parking meters. Your coins help pay for the flowers planted, local events, maintenance of lots, roadways and much more.


    We have multiple ticket payment locations throughout downtown.


    There is a drop box at the front of City Hall, 3 Washington Street (off Central Square), and Revenue Office on 1st floor, or you can pay at Parking Services Office on the 2nd floor.


    There are a few small payment boxes located on meter posts at:

    • Main ST, eastside next to Hannah Grime’s Marketplace
    • Winter Street near the Library
    • Gilbo Avenue in front of Lindy’s Diner


    You can also send it postal mail in the USPS-approved envelope that the ticket was received in.

Frequently Asked Questions