More about the Energy and Climate Committee

  • Membership Qualifications

    Sec. 2-1089. - Membership.

    The Energy and Climate Committee shall consist of seven regular voting members, one of whom shall be a member of the city council, all of whom represent a cross section of organizations, institutions, businesses and interests in the city.

  • Functions and Guidelines

    Sec. 2-1092. - Functions and guidelines.

    The functions and guidelines in this section are established for the conduct of the Energy and Climate Committee. The committee shall:

    1. Coordinate the goals and measures of the local action climate plan in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase the community’s adaptive capacity;
    2. Update the local climate action plan and greenhouse gas inventory as deemed necessary;
    3. Promote the awards and recognitions the city and community members have received for outstanding work in the climate protection arena;
    4. Promote and report the successes and efforts of the committee to the council and community on a regular basis;
    5. Make recommendations to local boards and committees pertaining to the local climate action plan and sustainable practices such as energy efficiency, and energy generation and zoning practices;
    6. Serve as an advocate for the city’s interest at the state and national level in climate change policy;
    7. Assist the city with community outreach and education for the local climate action plan by bringing the benefits of the plan to the attention of the public through educational materials, presentations, and other methods;
    8. Assist with preparation of grant applications and pursue other funding mechanisms to implement the goals and measures of the local action plan;
    9. Receive gifts and donations in the name of the city with prior approval of the city council; and
    10. Perform such other related functions as required by the city councilor or as requested by the city manager.
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