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Community Power Program Update, January 2024

Eversource electricity supply rates change every six months, and their new rate for this winter will go into effect starting in February and will last for six months. The new supply rate announced by Eversource is 8.29 cents per kilowatt-hour (please note: this rate does not include the delivery charges). To view and compare the Keene Community Power program supply rate to the current Eversource supply rate, please visit

A couple of reminders:

  • The Keene Community Power program rates are “locked in” through December 2025. The goal of the program is to provide a stable electricity supply rate with extra renewable energy above and beyond the minimum required by the State. The hope is that this rate will be cost-competitive or cheaper than the default utility supply rate over the long term; however, because the utility rates change every six months and their future rates are unknown, savings are not guaranteed.
  • Keene Community Power customers can leave the program at any time without penalty. For information about how to leave or join the program, resources, and support, please visit or call Keene Community Power’s supplier, Direct Energy Services, at (866) 968-8065. You can also call the Keene Community Development Department at (603) 352-5440 for assistance.

Keene Community Power is a city-operated group purchasing program that pools the electric use of residents, businesses, non-profits, and property owners to provide competitively priced electricity options. The Program offers Keene electricity customers a city-vetted alternative to Eversource’s default service and other third-party electricity suppliers. The Program is part of a larger effort to transition to 100% renewable energy by 2050.